Апрель 3, 2018


'The Social Gypsy' is the first work in a series about the influence of the social media, trends, and marketing on the new generation of millennials. 
We live in the most rapidly changing time. Furthermore, the changes are incredibly significant so as the contrasts and differences in everything. Lots of trends, new technologies, scientific inventions, mems, news, apps etc. All of it is a huge flow of the information we receive every single day. So, that brought us to a selection and analysis issue of the information we see, understand and apply. 


The generation of millennials came to the consumerism. No matter of your social and financial situation in a modern world you can afford a consumption in somehow. Whether it is buying brands or it's a cheaper version of it, surfing the internet or watching TV, eating food in an enormous amount and the other things that are available these days.


This project was inspired by the social behavior of the modern generation on the internet: youtube channels, Instagram accounts and Facebook and VK. 
The particular image was inspired by the teenage girl Ann Frank and her relationships with the modern technologies, parents and the forth of the advertisement and trends. The full story is on her YouTube channel 


The project is a caricature of teenagers contemporary values,  specifics of their social behavior and the interaction with the outside world. 


Thank you for your time

and please enjoy. 

photographer: Angelina Popova

mua: Michelle Needles

location: studio FOREST